The Wire – Way Down in the Hole

The Wire – Down in the Hole

At long last.  The Fabisch Factor returns.

This time we delve WAY down in the hole, to check out the beginning of what I feel is the best TV show ever made.

HBO’s The Wire.


Batman Begins

We get into Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.  And a new standard in superhero films.

Batman Begins

Alien Series (sort of) V – PROMETHEUS

Prometheus.  Is it indeed an Alien film like the trailer says?  Or is it something else like Ridley Scott says?

Tune in to find out?

Alien Series (sort of) V – PROMETHEUS


The 4th and final chapter in our Alien series.

The Firefly prequel gets a quick glance and then it’s onto Prometheus, a look to the summer of 2012 and our feelings on film advertising.


Alien Series: Part III of IV – ALIEN 3

This is the same Alien 3 show, just with the audio leveled.

Same love for it as before!

Alien Series_ Part III of IV – ALIEN

Prometheus Review

I’ve now seen Prometheus.  Very funny, Ridley.  Where’s the real movie?  I’m serious.  I know you’ve got a sense of humor.  Remember the poison food gag from Gladiator?  We all had a nice chuckle over that one.

Really, where’s the real movie?  You know, the prequel to Alien you went on about for a bit on the dvd to the wonderful film you made back in ’79.  That movie is very good.  Where’s the prequel I asked for?  Oh, that’s right.  I never asked for a prequel.  Just like I never asked if Deckard was a Replicant.

The movie I saw in the trailer for the movie Prometheus looked very good.  It had that nice Alien trailer music from the trailer for Alien.  That led me to think that I was going to see an Alien movie.  THERE’S the ship from Alien.  THERE’S the Space Jockey, right there in the trailer.  So, where’s the other Alien stuff?

Oh, I see it now, Ridley.  You’re not kidding.  Prometheus IS the final product of 30+ years of anticipation.  30 years of wondering what those eggs were doing on that ship.  Wondering how that Space Jockey ended up dead like that IN HIS SEAT!  Wondering where this whole Alien thing started.

But hey, at least we got to see a guy smoking pot out of his space suit respirator.  At least we got to see that these Space Jockeys are just big humans.  At least we got to see Guy Pearce play an old man when an old man in the part would have been just as good.  At least we got to see the Kraken from Pirates of the Carribean back on the big screen.

But hey, at least you want to get back to Blade Runner.  Judging from this… movie, Blade Runner 2 is gonna rock.


David Fincher, sorry about what I said regarding Alien 3.  I thought you made the worst Alien film… I was wrong.

Alien Series: Part II of IV – ALIENS

Part 2 of our Alien series.

Here, it’s all Aliens!

Alien Series – Part II of IV – ALIENS